Road Closures and Races

Requests for road closures and road races will be facilitated through this office in consultation with KU Police, KU Parking, KU Operations and related units.

Because these types of requests require considerable planning, requests should be submitted as far in advance as possible -- ideally at least two months in advance of the requested event date.

Road Closures

Road closures for events are only considered on Sunday as KU Transportation Services operates buses Monday through Saturday. During the summer, road closures may be denied due to construction projects.

Events requesting road closures must complete the road closure request form.

For activities that impede or make temporary use of the public right-of-way, including sidewalks, streets, and public parking (such as race routes along Fambrough Way, West Campus Road, etc.), race organizers must complete the Street Event Permit Application found at the City of Lawrence's Enterprise Permitting & Licensing system. Questions can be directed to

Road Races

Road races are only allowed on Sunday mornings and must be completed before noon.

Only short-term washable chalk may be used to mark routes. If a race company is contracted, the organizers are responsible to communicate this rule. Paint removal costs will be billed to the sponsoring organization. In addition, "color runs" are not allowed on campus.

Safety is the top consideration; thus, any road closure will require KU Police to be present. If barricades are required, KU Parking will be consulted. Expenses for time and materials are the responsibility of the requesting organization.


STEP 1: Choose Dates and Times

*Road races will not be considered on home football weekends

Race Dates for SPRING SEMESTER 2024:

Registration is now OPEN for SPRING 2024 requests

Suggested times:
  • Race begins at 8 am (concludes by 10 am), Registration begins at 7 am
  • Race begins at 9 am (concludes by 11 am), Registration begins at 8 am
  • Race begins at 10 am (concludes by 12 pm), Registration begins at 9 am

STEP 2: Choose Route

Sidewalk Race (50-60 participants or less)

  • Sidewalk Route
  • FREE - no need for Public Safety or Parking Services
  • No road closures required
  • Coordinator required to limit participation

West Campus Route – Preferred

Main Campus Routes

STEP 3: Create Event Plan Proposal

As part of your proposal, the race coordinator must submit the following:

  • Complete budget
  • Event plan, including timeline


The following information is provided to prompt discussion and your planning process. Not all components may be necessary or required, but should be considered

  • Are you naming a treasurer that will be responsible for the budget?
  • Determine who has spending authority for this event
  • Build your event budget with realistic revenue and expense projections
  • How is the money handled, student account, how will bills be processed, where does surplus money go and
    • who benefits, i.e. contribution to KU Endowment, non-profit organizations, etc.
  • Outline registration process **


  • ​​​Registration fees **
  • Number of runners x $XX fee (advance registration)
  • Number of runners x $XX fee (day of race)
  • Sponsorships / Donations (Cash and/or In-Kind)
  • KU has contract with Coca-Cola, no other brand product can be served without approval by submitting “Food Exception Form"
  • Before contacting sponsors, names and requests should be submitted as part of this proposal


(not all items listed are necessary, examples are intended to be used in planning discussions)

  • Timing company (cost/person, do they provide electronic timing, bibs, course management, etc.)
  • KU Public Safety – officer labor
  • KU Parking – barricade rental & labor
  • KU Campus Operations, ex. electricity, sound system rental, etc.
  • Food & Beverage **
  • Tables / Chairs / Stage
  • Restrooms, ex. portable toilets rental
  • Tent rental
  • T-shirts / promotional items
  • Signage, ex.  sponsor recognition, route signs, banners, etc.
  • Balloons, finish line markers
  • Trash / Recycle receptacles / pick-up
  • Parking **
  • Insurance **
  • Marketing **
  • Awards
  • Entertainment, DJ

** See additional information in Event Plan Section

Event Plan:

  • What are the objectives of conducting this event? Who is benefiting? Expected number of participants? Any pre-post event / race activities?
  • Who is the race director?
  • Are you hiring a professional timing company? (what are they providing, i.e. electronic timing, bibs, numbers, course management/review, waivers, etc.
  • Use of KU Waiver and Participation Agreement: If the professional timing company
A. Timeline
  • Prepare and submit proposal / request
  • Receive confirmation
  • Volunteer recruitment (numbers needed based on tasks)
  • Tasks outlined:  registration, set-up, tear-down, clean-up, marketing, etc.
  • Marketing plan initiated (cannot begin marketing until proposal is reviewed and approved)
  • Volunteer assignments made
  • Registration begins
B. Registration
  • Establish registration fees (is there a different rate for advance / day-of?)
  • What is included in registration fee:
  • T-shirts:  can registrants request size? Do you guarantee t-shirts for all if not pre-registered? What is time-line for t-shirt production. NOTE:   KU Licensing – inclusion of any KU logo and/or Jayhawk in design must be approved by the University.
  • Water, Snacks
  • Awards
  • How is registration being handled
  • Advance:  Facebook/PayPal account (who has access)
  • Onsite- cash / check only
  • Who is responsible for on-site money handling / deposits, etc.
  • Registration materials distribution
  • Packet pick-up in advance (time/location)
  • On-site, day of the race (time/location)
  • Who is managing
  • What equipment is necessary (tables, chairs, cash box, pens, liability waivers, etc.)
C. Food and Beverage
  • KU Dining is the exclusive provider of food and beverage on our campus
  • Donations of food, snack items, bottled water, energy drinks, etc. must be approved
  • Food Exemption form must be signed / submitted along with this application, if donations of fruit, trailmix, hard candy or if bringing any type of catered food from off campus (pancakes)
D. Course Management
  • Set-up / Tear-down / Clean-up of registration area
  • Completion of City of Lawrence Street Event Application (if applicable)
  • Pre-Post event celebrations (provide specific plans and include expenses in budget)
  • Amplified sound – announcement / music must be kept within reasonable decibel levels depending on locations and proximity to Lawrence neighborhoods
  • Parking for participants / volunteers
  • Route marking / signage – Remember NO paint, signs, volunteers providing direction, etc.
  • Water stations – (if providing) – set-up / clean-up
  • Lead vehicle
E. Insurance / Waivers
  • KU Student Organizations do NOT need additional Liability Insurance
  • If the sponsoring organization is a fraternity or sorority that has assets they may want to consider investing in a $1M general liability (short term-event specific) requesting the provider add:  State of Kansas, Kansas Board of Regents, and the University of Kanas as additional insureds for the event.  This is to cover the assets of the sponsoring organization if issues arise.
  • Waivers – race participants should complete a Waiver and Participation Agreement developed by the KU Office of the General Counsel.  Completed waiver forms must be turned into the Office of Event Management & Protocol following the event.
  • If the sponsoring organization wants any revisions to the waiver; revisions must be approved by the Office of General Counsel   
F. Marketing
  • Develop an event information packet to share with potential sponsors (if applicable)
  • Social Media – keep it positive
  • Flyers – make sur you comply w/ University posting policies.  No doors, windows, building walls, trash cans, etc.
  • Tabling – following university rules for tabling on Wescoe and/or the Union
  • Chalking – Review University Policy
  • Follow-up / Reporting
  • Financial statement (revenue / expenses) needs to be completed and submitted to Office of Event Management & Protocol within 2 months of race completion.
  • Completed Waiver forms submitted to Office of Event Management & Protocol

STEP 4: Complete Registration Form

Please be certain that you have reviewed steps 1 through 3 before completing the road race registration form.