About Office of Event Management

A University Event is an event -- other than academic classes scheduled as part of the curriculum -- that is held in a university building or outdoor space on campus.

A University Event must be sponsored by an officially recognized University of Kansas school, department and/or student organization and align with the university's mission.

As of August 2020, all University Events must be registered via our Event Registration Form.

Types of University Events

Academic-related Event

An academic-related activity that is NOT included in the established curriculum of semester classes listed at KU (e.g., special guest lecture series, panel discussion)

Administrative Event

An administrative event, including a daily, weekly or occasional gathering and/or meeting by an official department or student organization that would not be open to the public, (e.g., a department faculty meetings, gathering of department staff, a student organization board meeting). The focus of these meetings is generally to discuss department or group business and/or do administrative planning. It may include professional training. These gathering may also be social in nature (e.g., department luncheon, picnic, reception or holiday party).

Major University Event

An event that is large in scope, usually with an expected attendance of 500 people or more. Such events generally require coordination and review by several University departments and, organizations., (e.g., Event Management & Protocol, KU Public Safety, KU Parking & Transit, Campus Operations and/or Risk Management).

Campus Community Event

An event open only to KU students, faculty and staff. This may also qualify as a Major University Event, Invitation-only Event, Administrative Event or Academic-related Event.

Public Event

An event open to KU students, faculty, staff, and members of the public. A Public Event can also be considered an Academic-related Event and/or a Major University Event.

Invitation-only Event

An event open only to invited guests (e.g., University donor or alumni events, administrative or special-program events.)

Student Group Event Policies

The University has a number of policies and procedures pertaining to University events. Student groups: please see the University Student Organization Registration policy. Event sponsors shall follow all applicable University policies and procedures when planning events.